How We’re Doing It

cape cod golden retrieversOur Goal

The goal of A Golden Wish is to raise money to support the progress being made by canine cancer research facilities. In support of finding a cure for canine cancer, we donate proceeds from every sale to canine cancer research.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Dogs Everywhere

Founder of A Golden Wish, Faye Silverman, created this company out of pure love and devotion to the quality of life for her Golden Retrievers and dog breeds everywhere. Although this cause is very close to Faye’s heart, providing the best quality care to her dogs is her life, which is why supporting canine cancer research is so important to her.

The Morris Animal Foundation has invested over $113 Million toward the advancement of research to improve the health and lives of dogs, cats, horses and wildlife on a global scale. Through their research studies, the Morris Animal Foundation has funded and performed better health prevention methods, treatment protocols, and even some cures to help improve the lives and quality of life for animals everywhere.

According to the Morris Animal Foundation, “Some of these breakthroughs have become industry gold standards and are used in every veterinary practice in the country.”

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