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golden retrievers LGBTQHowever sad, many of you can relate to losing a doggy best friend to an illness. There is nothing that can compare to losing a loved one, and for me, that’s what it was, twice. No words can explain the pain of watching your dog become ill quickly or pass suddenly. Whatever your situation, it is all heart wrenching.  So many of our beloved dogs pass away from Hemangiosarcoma, as did two of my Golden boys (Joey & Nicky).   Cancer in canines has become one of the most dreaded diseases.  In fact, it is the leading cause of death in dogs!! People who have  already been through this with their own dogs live with the fear that it will happen again and again.  It is truly a fear that most pet owners live with daily. On the heals of so many afflicted by cancer please help A GOLDEN WISH make a difference in the lives of dogs and their special humans.

Once we lost our golden boys, we knew we had to do something to make a difference! A Golden Wish is not about being a billionaire; it’s about saving our dogs. Our staff donate their time and any funds we are able to collect are distributed to Morris Animal Foundation and back into A Golden Wish. We were born to aid in the research of canine cancer. 10% of all purchases will be given to the Morris Animal Foundation, specifically their Golden Retriever Canine Lifetime Health study, where they continue to research the many types of cancers found in our beloved four-legged children.

If you are currently caring for a dog that has been diagnosed with cancer, my heart aches for you and I hope that you will help me along my journey to make a difference. For those who have already lost a beloved furry child, I know all too well how horrible the pain of their loss is.

Please help me to help them! My heartfelt thanks to all …

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