New “Live” Website! Happy Holiday Shopping!

New “Live” Website! Happy Holiday Shopping!

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Especially with a NEW WEBSITE just in time for the holiday season! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re ready to share our love for all dogs with you this season! We’ve redesigned our apparel line and are offering a variety of items in lots of different colors and sizes! We haven’t forgotten about our youth animal lovers either! There is something for everyone with sizes ranging from youth small to adult XXXL.

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Faye Silverman, Founder of A Golden Wish, started this company because of the loves she has lost. Two of her beloved Golden Retrievers, Joey (a.k.a Pappa) and Nicky, passed away from hemangiosarcoma of the heart, an absolutely heart-breaking disease. Upon the passing of her two loves, Faye decided it was time to make a difference! From her deep heartbreak came A Golden Wish. A Golden Wish is a custom apparel line that honors the love of Faye’s Golden Retrievers. With each purchase from this customer apparel line, Faye donates 10%  to Morris Animal Foundation‘s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study (GRLS), working to cure canine cancer, among many other diseases. With your help this season, we can make an even bigger difference in the lives of our pups across the globe!

In choosing to officially partner with Morris Animal Foundation’s GRLS, Faye hopes to be able to help change everything in the lives of our dogs. Her undying love of Joey, Nicky and now Cooper, will never change. In fact, with every day her love grows stronger and with every challenge she perseveres. Losing these dogs was nothing less than losing true family.

Are you a dog-lover? If you yelled, “YES!” than you are in the right place! Everything we do at A Golden Wish revolves around how we can raise the most money possible for the GRLS program. Without your support, A Golden Wish would be nothing more than a dream.

Thank you for your support!

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